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Since its establishment in Shanghai in 2006, Tengyi Boshi Logistics mainly provides high-timeliness and personalized global logistics services for high-tech enterprises such as new energy vehicles, semiconductors, auto parts and biomedicine.

Since 2010, Tengwing Time has held the leading position in Asia in global 24-hour door-to-door emergency logistics, including Hand Carry Service/On Board Courier/NFO. Our time-efficient logistics services with fast transportation and excellent personalized services have won the favor of more than 1,000 global customers, including nearly 100 of the World's top 500 enterprises.

Under the operation of an excellent team with 16 years of rich experience in high-end logistics and highly strict quality management, the company's business has developed rapidly. Currently, its services have covered more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, 32 provinces in China, providing domestic and international portable transportation, domestic and international NFO, Domestic and international pharmaceutical cold chain transportation, high-speed rail instant delivery and other high aging logistics transportation products.

Main Business
  • Hand Carry

    OBC is also called "On Board Courier" or "Hand Carry" for short OBC, is to send a special person on the plane...

  • Emergency airlift

    NFO full name "Next Flight Out" also known as "Speed-Line" is fast air freight door to door emergency logistics solution...

  • Pharmaceutical cold chain

    Make full use of our advantages in global emergency logistics, and actively explore the global life science cold chain market...

  • International air freight

    According to different types of products and customers, tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. We quickly provide... to your needs.

  • Customs declaration and inspection

    We can provide import and export customs declaration service in Beijing, Shanghai, as well as agent customs declaration service in major cities around the world...

  • High-speed trains arrive instantly

    High-speed Rail Instant is committed to ensuring the temperature and age of the goods transported, within the diameter of 1,000 kilometers through the high-speed rail transportation...

  • Network Power
    • Domestic
    • International
    • The region is a directly operated branch or subsidiary

      The area is a franchise site

      Distribution agents in more than 200 prefecture-level cities

      Cross-regional emergency logistics products are available in all first - and second-tier cities(&○ region)

      Life science supply chain services cover all cities and counties in China

    • Main operating route

      Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, major countries in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, India, South Africa, Brazil, etc

      Comprehensive agent network

      There are over 100 agents in over 50 countries around the world

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    Domestic mailbox:cs@speedgl.com

    International consultation:+86 021 51870916      

    International mailbox:op@speedgl.com

    Address: Room 603, Building 69, Lane 1333, Xinlong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

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